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Hypnosis Hypnosis is a state of intense relaxation and concentration, in which the mind becomes remote and detached from everyday cares and concerns. In this relaxed state the subconscious part of the mind is best able to respond creatively to suggestion and imagery. It can focus on the things you wish to change and on the ways you can best do so, free from analytical or anxious thoughts. You are, however, not asleep nor are you unconscious. You are in an altered or alternative state of consciousness in which you 'let things happen' through your subconscious mind rather than trying to make them happen with your conscious mind. Because you are deeply relaxed, the suggestions given to you by the hypnotist will be acted upon more easily…show more content…
As this happened I explained the entire story to dad. He guided me how to use self-hypnosis techniques as I followed his words. The result I passed out with a 4.0 GPA in the first of college. With all this experience I would like to go ahead and give some more evidence that it not only worked for me but it works for all. I always wondered what difference it would make for a 12 year old kid if he/she uses hypnosis. Actually it is a really good method that we can create certain interest in the child mind, which will help in the future. If the child is not interested in the subject, say math, and he is not performing well at all but he likes some subject like science we can duplicate the interest of science to math and this it will be really helpful for the child to get his/her grade up. It is not only for children but it can be done to all of us we just need to what we want to change. In the article "Nonmdicinal treatment of pain gains adherents" which was published in also tells that a patient named Mehboob Shiviji who was suffering from muscular joint disease that leaves him in constant pain. He tells that he manages the pain through hypnosis with out taking extra medication. Mehboob doctor Lebovitz also says that hypnosis does work for everybody. . He mentions that hypnosis can be used at any age not only to control pain but also to control our emotions. In the article "Hypnosis for Seniors" written by Dr. Bryan

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