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ALTERED STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS: ALTERED STATES OF CONSCIOUSNES INTRODUCTION In an altered state of consciousness your level of awareness and the nature of your perceptions, thoughts and feelings are distinctly different from your state during ordinary waking consciousness. 1. Waking and Sleeping These two states which are so different are regularly experienced by everybody every day. Some people experience a pronounced hypnogogic state in between waking and sleeping and some people get vivid hallucinations during this state. 2. Dreaming Dreaming involves a state which is physiologically and psychologically different from deep sleep. Lucid dream is a still different mode of functioning where the dreamer has the…show more content…
The Socio Cognitive and Interactive-Phenomenological theories of hypnosis have some parallels but are essentially different. Social role-taking theory For paraprofessionals, the main elements in the practice of hypnosis are the words – trance and suggestion. Paraphrased by Heap, these words form the basis of the paraprofessional approach to hypnosis How Does Hypnosis Work? When you hear the word hypnotist, what comes to mind? If you’re like many people, the word may conjure up images of a sinister stage-villain who brings about a hypnotic state by swinging a pocket watch back and forth. In reality, real hypnosis bears little resemblance to these stereotyped images. According to John Kihlstrom, "The hypnotist does not hypnotize the individual. Rather, the hypnotist serves as a sort of coach or tutor whose job is to help the person become hypnotized While hypnosis is often described as a sleep-like trance state, it is better expressed as a state characterized by focused attention, heightened suggestibility and vivid fantasies The hypnotized individual appears to heed only the communications of the hypnotist and typically responds in an uncritical, automatic fashion while ignoring all aspects of the environment other than those pointed out by the hypnotist. In a hypnotic state an individual tends to see, feel, smell, and otherwise

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