Hypnosis Past and Present

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This essay will be answering the question 'What is Hypnosis?'. It will describe the psychological and physical aspects of hypnosis and will be discussing the role of relaxation in hypnotherapy. It will give a brief history of hypnosis. It will look back over the century's to the many people who have influenced the progression of hypnosis, to how it is seen and practiced to this day. It will discuss the role of relaxation and what happens to achieve relaxation. What is Hypnosis? Hypnosis is nothing new, in fact it has been widely practiced since the early 1700”s Most people are familiar with the term 'mesmerized', which in fact came from an Australian doctor named Franz Anton Mesmer who lived from 1733-1815 (1) Mesmer had a theory…show more content…
(10) Is is important to know that someone in a trance state can not be 'made' to do something which they find unacceptable. Once under a trance state it can be terminated at any time by the 'subject' (11) A session of hypnosis begins with a series of suggestions called the 'hypnotic induction' (12) The hypnotic induction has several stages. Firstly the preparation stage, whereby therapist and 'client' can discuss what the client is hoping to achieve through hypnotherapy. Then the induction, where the hypnotist relaxes the client,and focusses their attention inwards. Then the deepening of induction, which is where the hypnotist puts the client into a 'safe' place whereby suggestions or instructions can be given Followed by the reorientation which is where the client is brought back to full consciousness and awareness. (13) Many psychological and physical changes occur whilst under hypnosis. Some of the psychological aspects are: Attention being focussed inwardly Outside noises are no longer as significant and sometimes are not able to be heard Visualisation of the muscles relaxing visualisation of a 'special place' Receptiveness to suggestions made by therapist Psychological
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