Hypnosis : World Literature / Advanced Composition

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Meghan Boyle
Mr. Benbenek
World Literature/Advanced Composition
May 20, 2015
Hypnosis has always held a fascination for me. Even when I was little, I had a keen interest in the topic as it seemed both mysterious and mesmerizing to me. However, I was always skeptical as to its authenticity. Sometimes, it looked too theatrical to be genuine. This year, I took a psychology course and was re-introduced to hypnosis. In order to develop a deeper understanding of it, I gathered more information about the topic and learned that it was not, at all, fake. In addition to hypnosis, I also studied about other variations in consciousness and dreaming, as these topics were all combined into the same area of learning. I was keenly disappointed to discover that hypnosis covered only a page and a half in my psychology textbook. I felt that I needed to learn more so I could get decent background knowledge of the topic. Therefore, I was quite excited when I was given this project. Throughout this assignment, I hope to uncover all of the aspects related to hypnosis. I want to gain information about the history of hypnosis, the theories of hypnosis, and how hypnosis is induced. I also hope to learn if some people are more susceptible to hypnosis than others, and how susceptibility can be measured. Lastly, I want to bring awareness to how hypnosis is being used today as an alternative therapy in modern psychology and debunk some common misconceptions about hypnosis. Additionally, I…
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