Hypnotherapy: Can it Stop Cigarette Addiction? Essay

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Hypnotherapy: Can it Stop Cigarette Addiction? “And now, when I snap my fingers, you will never smoke again! ”Could there be something more useful to hypnosis than just magical entertainment? Are there applications for hypnosis in the medical realm? Hypnotherapists now advocate hypnosis as a near panacea, claiming it can help one lose weight, stop smoking, improve memory, improve athletic ability, reduce stress, build self-confidence, overcome phobias, find lost articles, and even manage chronic pain (http://sageways. com/sageline/0196/hah. html). It has been estimated that some 390,000 Americans die prematurely from cigarette smoking each year. Smoking has been linked as a major risk factor to lung cancer (and many other forms…show more content…
This is something to consider before spending up to $1800 on a session of treatment. What do Hypnotherapists Say about Hypnosis and How Might it Help “Kick” the Habit? Hypnotherapist T. Joyce Caldcleugh explains that hypnosis is a “naturally occurring state” characterized by heightened “awareness and alertness” during which the subconscious mind can be accessed and focused on a particular goal (http://www. sageways. com/sageline/0169/hah. html). In their advertisement of their product, hypnotherapists are vague (almost secretive) about their methods. However, in explaining their form of alternative therapy, hypnotherapists generally center around a common rationale: hypnosis releases the powers of the subconscious mind, which entails 90% of our mental power and “contains all our emotions, memories, habits, belief systems, and controls all of our integral organs” (http://www. rogueweb. com/hypnosis/articles. html). Through hypnosis, this large amount of mental power can be unleashed as will power, which is normally held captive in the less powerful conscious mind. Thus, the ingrained desire and habit of smoking is replaced by the will power to quit. It is for this reason that hypnotherapists boast of their treatment being a “natural” therapy in that it allows one to use his or her “natural abilities to

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