Hypnotherapy Case Study

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ASABSTRACT Miss A. S. is 38 years old; she came to the UK a year ago. She is divorced and has 3 kids. She has got bankrupt in her home country and struggled to pay back all her debt. She came to the UK and with the help of her friends she managed to get a job with a good salary. Now she is able to support her family and gradually pay off her debt. She is working very hard even in her spare time. It was a very difficult decision for her to leave her sons behind with her mum, but this was the only opportunity for her to sort out her financial problems. She works as a ‘live in’ nanny and finds this situation difficult. She is very independent, raised her 3 boys by herself and finds it difficult to settle in another family`s life. She is…show more content…
She has reasonable plans for which she works hard and started to pay off her debts. Moving to a new country is a cultural shock for many of us. We have to be able to ‘adapt, adjust, accommodate’ which is not easy, especially when we don’t speak the language well. Miss A started to learn the language because her English knowledge was on a basic level and made her life difficult (she needed help to open a bank account, pay her tax, etc). All these daily problems made her life very stressful. It was also difficult for her to ask for help all the time because at home she was an independent single mum who did everything by herself without help or with just a little help from very close relatives. Her work situation caused even more stress because she had to integrate in a family with a different lifestyle and set of values. Previously she had no experience how to relax and cope with stress (her life in her home country was not without difficulties but she always managed to cope with the situations and solve the problems). All these changes and circumstances with the pressure of her financial problems were too much for her, she felt much stressed and now asked for help. As I mentioned above I believe I have the skills to treat Miss A and also had the permission from my tutor. TREATMENT PLAN I discussed with Miss A that she will need 6-8 session to practise and learn the basic relaxation techniques, re-establish her self-confidence and work on
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