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Introduction For this assignment I am going to be looking at the process of the initial consultation when you first meet with your client and the importance of gaining the relevant information to be able to make an accurate diagnosis to be able to help the client. I will be discussing the importance of the initial consultation in understanding the client’s goals and targets. I will also look at the ethical factors we may come across. initial Consultation As part of our initial consultation it is important to gain relevant knowledge about the client including the reason they seek help, what they want to achieve by attending the sessions and understanding the best way forward through gathering the right information from the client.…show more content…
It may be after speaking to the client that there will be an impact on the whole family or the client’s partner; which you may suggest their partner attends to understand the process and be able to support the client better. In our session we discussed if it was necessary to carry out a susceptibility test with the client to determine if the client was able to be hypnotised. I feel this may have a negative impact on the process. The client will more than likely be anxious at the initial consultation meeting but may be more relaxed at the next meeting and easier to put into a trance due to the rapport you have built with the client. I feel a small PMR would be sufficient enough to be able to give an insight of what the client will be getting in further sessions. There are specific indications which the therapist needs to look for to check the client has gone into a trance state including observable signs and non-observable signs. Observable signs cover facial flush, swallowing more, body relaxation in the chair, a lowered respiration so the client is breathing slower, eyelid fluttering, rapid eye movement and possible emotional responses such as tears or laughter. The non-observable signs would be what the client tells you when they return from the trance such as; feelings of weight change, a tingling or itching, body or time distortion, their heart rate may speed up or slow down
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