Hypocrisy And Injustice Are Constants That Exist

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Hypocrisy and injustice are constants that exist in the world. These traits are displayed best on the adults of Maycomb in Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird who seem oblivious to their behaviors and examples they are setting for their town’s youth. The deceptive theme is prevailing not only in the people’s reaction to the trial, but in their daily lives as well. It is seen during tea time, family gatherings, and even in casual conversations. Their opinions transpire into events carried out in their unjust manner; such as the disapproval of Scout’s reading ability, the derogation of Atticus Finch, and the conviction and sentencing of Tom Robinson. Considering the time period, during the extremely prejudice 1930’s of the South, Maycomb…show more content…
Persecution comes from people who are prejudiced“(Lee 329). This statement demonstrates just how hypocritical they really are. Miss Gates is willing to openly defend the Jews being persecuted in Germany, while the African American population of Maycomb is being persecuted the same way, for no definite reason without any clear evidence. She denounces Hitler for his discrimination against the Jews while she is prejudiced towards the blacks in her own town. The people of the town have no problem coming up with their own prejudices. During Aunt Alexandra’s missionary circle, the women are discussing the Mruna tribe of Africa and J. Grimes Everett’s proselytizer work with them. Mrs. Merriweather talks about her experience with Mr. Everett when he was home on leave and how no white person will go near them except Grimes; she later goes on to say, “the poverty…the darkness…the immorality-nobody but J. Grimes Everett knows” (Lee 309). The irony of the situation is that the blacks in their very own Maycomb are suffering just as the Mruna people are; though they are suffering in different ways, they are in need of help all the same. The Mruna people are looked upon as “poor” by the ladies, while they treat the blacks in Maycomb with the same condescension. This hypocrisy makes for a poisonous environment for the youth of Maycomb who are forced to take in all of these comments and opinions as they grow up in this prejudiced culture. The biased
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