Hypocrisy In Canterbury's Canterbury Tales

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Canterbury Tales is one of the most important pieces of writing from the Medieval times.Having a major influence of religion to carry the tales out,While giving the reader an idea of how religion dominated society during the fourteenth century.The narrative of Canterbury Tales are religious, as the characters are on a pilgrimage to Canterbury. So,throughout the tales there are various evidence of religious influences,but the two main Religious aspects that are very prominent within the text is Religious Hypocrisy and Church Corruption. Religious Hypocrisy is when a virtuous person with moral or religious beliefs or principles,usually in a high religious ranking who does not really possess those qualities that they claim to have,and usually lives the total opposite way of what they portray to believe in.There seems to be plenty of Hypocrisy going on in Canterbury tales from majority of the characters. The old saying practice what you preach,is highly ignored by the Pardoner,who traveled along the countryside selling official church pardons,which were pieces of paper signed by a bishop entitling the bearer to forgiveness for their sins.The Pardoner addresses ideas in his sermons such as greed,selfishness,and other sins.Only to neglect his own teaches and indulge in these sins that he preaches against. He also is one of those main characters that show us how much Church Corruption was going on within that time because, at one point he was trying to sell his

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