Hypocrisy: The Monkey's Paw Short Story

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The Monkey’s Paw short story was grave in my opinion, the oppressive actions in the story had me quaking in my chair. Once the monkey's paw talisman appeared I felt apathy encroach my one being. The story constricting me in as if it were a grappling hook. The Monkey’s paw short story had prolonged descriptions making it seem anything but knotty. The perpetual story gave me an extricating feel once I finished. Dingy scenery made it seem like the dwellings in the White’s house as the talisman mocked them towards the end. In the start of the story the Whites mocked Morris’ “hypocrisy,” turns out he was telling the truth. One of the most shocking parts was when the White family had had a supercilious look on their faces. My emotions were bilked.
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