Hypogastric Rectum

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The sympathetic supply of the rectum and the left colon arises from:
1. L-1, L-2, and L-3. Preganglionic fibers, through the lumbar sympathetic nerves which synapse in the preaortic plexus, and the postganglionic fibers follow the branches of the inferior mesenteric artery and superior rectal artery to reach the left colon and upper rectum. The lower rectum is innervated by the presacral nerves which are formed by the fusion of the aortic plexus and lumbar splanchnic nerves. Just below the sacral promontory, the presacral nerves gives rise to hypogastric plexus (or superior hypogastric plexus). Two main hypogastric nerves, on either side of the rectum, carry sympathetic innervation from the hypogastric plexus to the pelvic plexus which lies
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