Hypothesis: A Higher Concentration Of Sugar Will Lead To

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Hypothesis: A higher concentration of sugar will lead to a higher preservation life in fruits. The reason for this assumption is based on the fact that most fruits have high sugar and water content; the water content of a fruit is a major factor that determines its perishability. When the fruit is put in a hypertonic concentration due to an imbalance in the level of concentration outside and inside the fruit, the liquid in the fruit is extracted to the exterior while inserting sugar and salt molecules into the fruit allowing the rate of spoilage in the fruit to reduce. The removal of water molecules from within the fruit reduces the tendency of microbial growth. For instance, a fresh fruit with 0.99 water content needs to be reduced to…show more content…
I then considered things likely to affect the standard result [at 40degrees Celsius in solution 4Odegrees B under an hour 20minutes optimum dehydration should be obtained]. I came across the following factors; water content, temperature, pre-treatment, mass kinetic transfer and the hypertonic sugar concentrations, i then considered the extent at which each factor affects the end result; I initially decided to research on temperatures effect on preservation but I discovered it is likely to affect more of the nutrient of the fruit. Also with the nutrient gone the fruit preservation is likely to be for a longer period of time which will make the result of my research unreliable and my data inefficient. I moved on to study concentration levels and their effect; I was able to conclude that the concentration level is likely to have a bigger effect, extending the preservation life of the fruit. Basing some of my IA research on past research of people such as Mickey Parish in university of Maryland, Chris Daniels and others I was able to come up with facts to support my research such as the advantage of osmotic dehydration ADVANTAGES of CURING *minimum loss of colour, and flavour *browning probability is reduced due to the sugar surrounding it *textural quality is better after reconstruction *storage is greatly enhanced Also that in combining both salt and sugar solutes effectiveness is increased
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