Hypothesis: Standard Deviation and Critical Value

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Study Guide - Testing the Difference Between Two Means, Two Variances, and Two Proportions

1.|If the test value in the figure below is 2.57 when the critical value is 1.96, what decision about the hypothesis should be made?|
A)|reject the null hypothesis |
B)|accept the null hypothesis |
C)|reject the alternative hypothesis |
D)|not enough information |

2.|The standard error of difference is .|

3.|In the figure below, if the -test value is 1.43, the null hypothesis should not be rejected. |

4.|When hypothesizing a difference of 0, if the confidence interval does not contain 0, the null hypothesis is rejected.|

5.|For normally distributed
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The variance of nine business dinners was $6.12 and the variance of 12 business lunches was $0.87. What is the test value? |
A)|3.1 |
B)|9.61 |
C)|49.5 |
D)|7.03 |

25.|Samples are independent when they are not related.|

26.|A pooled estimate of the variance is a weighted average of the variance using the two sample variances and the __________ of each variance as the weights.|

Use the following to answer questions 27-29:

Mauricio Cruz, a wine merchant for Cruz 's Spirits Emporium, wants to determine if the average price of imported wine is less than the average price of domestic wine. The data obtained is shown in the table below.

|Imported Wine|Domestic Wine| |7.03|9.78| |2.31|3.62| |15|16 |

27.|What is the null hypothesis? Use .|
A)| |
B)| |
C)| |
D)| |

28.|What is the critical value? Use .|
A)|–1.761 |
B)|–2.045 |
C)|–1.697 |
D)|–1.703 |

29.|What is the test value? Use .|
A)|–6.97 |
B)|–2.50 |
C)|–4.53 |
D)|–2.54 |

30.|Determine the value of as shown in the figure below, if the degrees of freedom were seven and nine.|
A)|0.01 |
B)|0.025 |
C)|0.05 |
D)|0.1 |

31.|If the variances are not known and one or both sample sizes are less than 30, the -test must be used.|

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