Hypothetical Marketing Plan

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Table of Contents I. Executive Summary II. Situational Analysis i. Competitive Situation ii. SWOT Analysis iii. Product Life Cycle III. Marketing Objectives iv. Sales/Market Share v. Profit vi. Product range vii. Geographic Representation viii. Exporting IV. Target Markets ix. Marketing approach x. Product differentiation xi. Market segmentation xii. Geographic xiii. Demographic xiv. Behavioural (product related) xv. Psychographic V. Marketing Strategies xvi. Product xvii. Price xviii. Promotion xix. Place xx. E-Marketing VI. Conclusion/Recommendations

I. Executive
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Geographic Representation * Sale through multiple outlet and not limited exclusively to Harvey Norman, increase availability in every digital retailer such as JB hi-fi, Dick Smith electronics etc.
International Sales/Exporting * Expand ABC Ltd’s market to other countries, especially countries nearby Australia as short term goals, eg. Expand to countries like New Zealand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.

IV. Target Markets
Marketing approach * ABC Ltd target market approach is a mass market, which is targeted to anyone who is interested in buying smart mobile phones.
Product differentiation * The Citrus smart phones differentiate from its competitors by being a Korean/Asian sourced/imported smart phone and it is exclusive to Harvey Norman, which makes the product potentially ‘exclusive’ in Australia and unique compared to other major brand of smart phones in Australia. The product also differentiates and positions itself for its value and quality.
Market segmentation
ABC Ltd will target all potential mobile phone purchasers across the country. Expansion to other countries could be possible after expanding product range and its international market.
The customers of Citrus phone will generally be at a young age with an interest in buying smart phone and a high requirement for
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