Hyundai : Hyundai Situational Analysis Essay

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Marketing 101

Hyundai Situational Analysis

Name: Ella Griffin
Course: Mark101
Student ID: 300291938
Tutor: Andrea Khor
Due Date: Thursday 25 September 12pm.
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1. Executive Summary

The Hyundai brand as a whole has grown swiftly into a global auto industry powerhouse. But first and foremost, Hyundai is a New Zealand is a New Zealand company. All of Hyundai’s dealerships and heap office are 100% operated and owned by New Zealanders and that is something that the franchises prides themselves in and are very proud of (Hyundai Motors New Zealand, 2014). Hyundai are very aware of what it means to be a New Zealand company and are extremely dedicated to being a kiwi citizen and treating their customers with world-class services.

Throughout this report there is a large emphasis on where Hyundai is in the market now. This will firstly be implemented in the situational analysis outlining the competitor and market analysis. It is obvious with over 30 years of Hyundai being in the business, not only do they have a large customer base but they also have a wide range of loyal customers that continually renew their car every few years.
In particular the Hyundai ix35 will be the main Hyundai that is focused on throughout this report.
The PESTE Analysis will then be discussed, explaining the Political, Economic, Sociocultural, Technological and Environmental compartments will be discussed.
TOWS Analysis will then be explained, outlining the Threats, Opportunities,

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