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In this the second report on Hyundai will define and go over the strategies that has led Hyundai to where it is now on the global market. We will then go into the specific strategies employed by Hyundai to make it a global competitor. We will then follow with a particular issue that Hyundai faces and the solution we feel best addresses that issue.

Here is the concepts part of this report we will define and discuss the different strategies used by Hyundai and other companies use. These strategies are known as generic strategies, cooperate strategies and international strategies.
2.1. Generic strategies: We will be discussing and defining the generic strategies used by Hyundai and other companies in the
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Joint venture on the other hand is when two or more companies come together and use their resources for a single activity that is not related to the companies that are in the joint venture. Last but not least, a wholly owned subsidiaries is one in which the parent company owns 100% of the subsidiary’s stock.
There are four international competitive strategies that include: global standardization, localization, transnational, and international. Global standardization is a business model based on pursuing a low-cost strategy on a global scale. Localization, on the other hand is a strategy that is focused on increasing profitability by customizing the company’s goods or services so that the goods provide a favorable match to tastes and preferences in different national markets. Moving on transnational strategy, which is a business model that simultaneously achieves low cost, differentiates the product offering across geographic markets, and fosters a flow of skills between different subsidiaries in the company’s global network operations. Last of the international competitive strategies is the international strategy which involves making products at home, while leaving other functions to foreign business units.
Now that we have finished discussing and defining the strategies, we will now analyze some of the specific strategies used by Hyundai.

We have defined the key concepts in the previous
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