I. Accounting Standards. Currently,There Are 26 Account

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I. Accounting standards
Currently,there are 26 Account Standards was drafted by Vietnam government, which was identified by the Ministry of Finance, and practicable to every industrial in business. Any changes of divergences from Vietnamese Accounting Standards and System requires to be recorded with the Ministry of Finance with paper confirmation.
There are two parts of Accounting Standards which are accounting principles and methods, in order to contemporize elementary accounting fundamentals and approaches for sustaining appropriating social development of books and readying for financial reports.
There are several rules of Law on Accounting that enterprises should be follow in financial statements. The first on is framework,
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Presentation of Financial Statements
A entire set of financial statement relied on IASB’s International Accounting Stand (IAS) 1. Incorporates the following
Balance Sheet
Income Statement
Cash Flow Statement
Statement of Changes in Equity
Notes, including a summary of significant accounting policies and other notes
Components of VAS of financial statements
Balance Sheet
Income Statement
Cash Flow Statement
Based on VAS 21, the Statement of Changes in Equity is belong to Notes, or not a essential element of the financial statement. What is more, it is unnecessary that VAS should be disclosure of management’s crucial judgment, it is hard to evaluate future and sources of appraisal uncertainty.

Cash Flow Statements
Under IFRS 7, the first and final period accounting reports which cash flow statements are depended on, and some information can be incorporated from the ledger. It can be separated between receivable accounts and trade capables with the sale of fixed assets or long-term assets. Consequently, there are some differences between cash flow from business and cash flow from financial investment.
In Vietnam, according to VAS 24, cash flow statements which are a part of element of cashbook and ledger bank deposits. The government of Vietnam adjust cash flow statement by adoption the straight method originating from pre-tax profits plus or minus accommodation, incorporating disparity of payables and excluding
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