I Admire As A Friend And Professor

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I admire you and appreciate you as a friend and professor. I come to hang out with you at the coffee shop not to borrow or bug you for some pocket cash to borrow. I come because I want to spend time with you and I see you as a person with tons of wisdom and Mentor characteristics. I do not know how you will respond to this letter, but you have the right to respond or feel anyway you wish and those will be your own reactions and feelings. However, I am completely frustrated and these are some of the reasons why I have missed class. First, today with your comments made in class about students walking in late, not coming to class or not having their books with them. I sense you were talking about me and if you have, any issues with me please address me personally and not use innuendos to get your point to the entire class to try to embarrass me because it does not work. Second, every one of your students in British Literature II are San Antonio College Students. They are no longer in high school. These students have completed Composition I and Composition II to be in the British Literature II class. Third, what is frustrating the heck out of me is when you compare these students in their high schools or high school days. It should not it matter what high schools these students came from. What matters is there are here in college and want to learn. Fourth, yes, it is true that the students that come from a wealthier background and their parents that have earned a higher
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