I Admire My Physics Teacher

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Statement of purpose
First year in mid-school was the first time that I encountered Physics. It was a NODET (National Organization for Developing Exceptional Talents) school, so most of my teachers in different courses were the best of city. I admire my Physics teacher the most, since he supported me to build a new bond with science in general. Thus I became outstanding in this field and always was one of the bests in the school. I even once ranked 4th on an internal NODET exam, a competence with population of 4000 exceptional Talents students from three possible grades of high-schools.
The reward of being accepted in NODET was a computer that my dad bought, on my first year in mid-school. To be honest, in that time my English was absolutely awful, and so forth it was quite tough for me to understand the computer language, still I loved working with it, not playing stupid games but to literally understand different concepts within it. After a while, without Internet, those limited concepts finished soon. I not sure how, however it was during those times that I encountered a new world, which was computer programming, hence I sought a way to learn it. I found out that one of my neighbors knows a little about it, he was kind enough to not to let me down when I asked him to share his knowledge in this field with me, therefore I had some half an hour sessions per day with him. Mostly he taught me basic algorithms and how to translate them to code of Q-Basic. Afterward I found my…

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