I Agree With Reservations With The Title

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I agree with reservations with the title. For the purposes of this essay, the word describe will be defined as the active act of either explaining or representing an idea or concept within an area of knowledge. The word transform will be defined as having a great impact the ‘world’. Not to be confused with ‘change’, here, transforming considers a degree of innovation, whilst ‘change’ highlights a minor shift. The word seek is key, and will represent the idea that within the Area of Knowledge, there can be the active intent to transform or describe.

One event can be interpreted as both transforming and describing, due to the room for subjective judgement inherent in both of these two ideas. The concepts of description and transformation are abstract in nature. The idea that one event has the capability of both describing and transforming the world in different ways is evident in the area of knowledge of history. Here, the description of the past has the potential to transform the present. The discovery of what happened behind China’s metaphorical walls would forever transform the way Mao and his regime was perceived. A specific case of this is the French intellectuals involved in The Wind from the East: French Intellectuals, the Cultural Revolution, and the Legacy of the 1960s which outlines first hand how a group of French students were seduced by Mao’s apparently pure ideology and the perceived cultural and intellectual impact of the East during the 1960s. This is an
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