I Am 11 Years Old

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It is August 28, 2005. I am 11 years old. I see My mom and I walking to the corner store to get candles for the House. It was the day before katrina made landfall and New orleans was one of the cities that required mandatory evacuation. We stayed in the 7th ward off St. Anthony and North Rocheblave. As we were walking to the store a lot of people were sitting on their porches getting things ready for katrina. Now a lot of older people that stayed in new orleans 's felt like they could ride this storm out like they did Betsy which was around 1965. My Mom and I walked home after we came from the store and the wind started to pick up. We sat on the porch until it got dark because it felt so good outside. Eventually we went inside and began to watch the news. I had a scooby doo bag that I had reserved with all my emergency snacks. That was a epic fail because all I did was ask my older cousins if they wanted anything or I ate it myself. It was about 2:00 in the morning. My mom had came woke me up because the house had began to flood. It wasn 't a bad flood but we had water in our house and it was up to my ankles. We moved to the back of the house where the water was less severe, and wait for a little while. Maybe like around 6:00 am things started to get really serious we heard water rushing in. If you ever been to a water park and heard the sounds of the water swirling before you go into the slide that 's exactly what it sounded like.The water was cold and murky. It basically…
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