I Am A Behavioral Therapist For Children Essay

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The Problem Companies expect their employees to do good work efficiently. When issues arise from within the work environment, it prevents productivity and work satisfaction amongst employees. At the organization I am a part of it is considered a helping profession and people either do work in the office or out in the field by providing services. However, when you need to get something done, people do not seem to accomplish tasks at work because of the lack of support or the distractions that occur. There are three main issues that occur in my job, surrounding the lack of efficient communication, guidance and expectations of managers, and scheduling conflicts. Through analyzing these issues a specific job may be created to help solve these problems that affect this work environment. I am a behavioral therapist for children who are diagnosed with autism and related disorders at a small firm in Anaheim, California. Most clinical work is provided by in-home therapy for the convenience and generalization for children and their families. In every case, there is a manager and a parent consult provided along with the therapist. Managers have a great influence in making a better work and team environment. Supervisors and parent consultants overlap with the therapist about once or twice a month depending on the child’s need and funding. Therefore, it is essential to have adequate communication between management for successful work outcomes. There is not an issue with
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