I Am A Believer Of Jesus That Struggles With Addictions

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I am a believer in Jesus that struggles with addictions. My personality today is a reflection of both my parents. See, my parents were very diverse, from the difference in age (14 years) to every aspect of their lives. As I have reflected on it over the years, I am amazed that they were ever together. It is very ironic that I have lived in Rantoul Illinois for the last 25 years, as this is where my parents met. My father was career military and my mother was from Iroquois County. He was stationed here at Chanute AFB when they met. My wife’s parents also met here under similar circumstances. My father was from Pensacola Florida and I was born at the Naval Air station there after my parents moved to Florida. My mother was a faithful Christian woman that always attended church with the four children and my father was not a practicing Christian. I grew up in church with Mom and in bars with Dad. This may explain some of my personal experiences and choices later in life as I exhibited both characteristics. My childhood, growing up on the Gulf of Mexico was marked with good and bad experiences. I enjoyed experiences that I cherish to this day. My father’s progressive alcoholism was to become the overwhelming factor in our lives as the years progressed. I knew what active alcoholism looked like far before I knew what to call it. I remember the day I first experienced the Lord in a profound way. This is the day that I believe I received the Holy Spirit as well. I was around age 12.…
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