I Am A Big Believer Of Leading By Example

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I am a big believer of leading by example; my philosophy with getting across to our youth in this era is “yes you can.” Kids tend to give up so easier now a day than before, because of the negativity and so many different ways out. With technology and parents being easier on their kids, it’s hard to have kids be active this day in age. My philosophy in life leading into a teacher is to over prepare and to treat the kids as one of mine. You can’t treat the kids as a stat or just a number in your class; I want to put my full attention in each kid and to show how these physical education aspects can prepare you for the rest of your life.

First, physical education is the most important class of the day. I truly believe it is the subject you use for the rest of you life. As a physical education teacher I would base my philosophy on three stages. Cognitive stage, the associative stage, and the autonomic stage. I would spend a lot of my time on the cognitive aspect, which to me is the fundamental and coordination part of learning. Centering on the cognitive aspect will directly understand how these kids think and learn about exercises and activities. I don’t think we spend enough time on the beginning process we want to jump the end so fast then if there coordination isn’t down correctly it could mess everything up
My key points for affect domain are going to be all about receiving and reacting. How can I make it easier for them to receive information and process it? How can they

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