I Am A Blonde Bombshell

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Just like every other young girl at the age of ten, I screamed and cried for the Jonas brothers as they sang “Burnin up” on my living room television. But, there was someone else who intriguingly caught my attention every night in that same living room, her name was Tricia. Tricia, the second oldest, blonde bombshell took the center of attention every night, as she dazzled everybody away with her college etiquette. Behind her beauty, honor roll achievements, and being the only member in our family to attend college, there was something else that I admired more than just Tricia herself; it was the “gibberish” she spoke. It wasn 't “goo-goo gaga” baby gibberish. Her “gibberish” was fluent, constant, bold, and captivating. She made every story sound interesting, and could keep her audience listening in awe. Tricia’s “gibberish” was state of the art vocabulary words I have never even heard before, words that I never even knew existed. She baffled me with her sentences containing words like; hackneyed, jubilation, and perfidious.
“How could I gain this “gibberish”?”
“Did I have to be blonde?”
“I was not smart enough?”
Of course, these are some of the bizarre viewpoints; I questioned myself about on, how I could obtain such “gibberish”. I yearned to sound “smart” just like Tricia, which later on led me to my obsession with
Sanabria 2 enhancing every aspect of my vocabulary. After spending sometime researching, I found that reading, writing, listening, and speaking are the…

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