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As part of my HND unit in Anatomy and physiology I have been required to complete and research a project desired to my chosen therapy. My chosen therapy that I will be writing my report on will be Body Massage, I will be describing the physiological or physical effects that it may have on the human body, as well as the structure and the functions. I am also required to research the benefits of it as well as explain it and show my knowledge to the best of my ability. The systems that I will be covering in this report will include the Skeletal, muscular, nervous, Cardio Vascular, Lymphatic, Respiratory and Urinary. Body Massage What is Body Massage? Massage can be used as a therapeutic treatment, as It manipulates the superficial…show more content…
The benefits are that When the muscles are fully relaxed and are lengthened the circulation of nutrients to the joint will have been improved and this will nourish the structure that has surrounded it. When massage is being performed blood is stimulated and flows into the periosteum (connective tissue) which will help increase the supply of blood to the bones. Another benefit from massage is that with regular treatments a person may be able to have a range of movement again. Muscular System By doing massage on the muscular system you can help to decrease tension within the muscles that builds up overtime by adding deep pressure movements up the muscle to help relax and lengthen it. The tension may reduce movement and be quite painful. Blood supply to the muscle is important as when massaging it will dilate capillaries and allow more blood flow through, this increase of blood heals quicker and may restore oxygen and nutrients to the specific injured or painful area. The benefits it has on the muscular system are; It may help to reduce the amount of pain or tension built up in the area, Blood supply has been increased through warming of the muscle and movement, Waste is eliminated & removed, May prevent adhesions which may have been through injury. May increase movement and flexibility as well as increasing the strength of the muscle. It will muscle spasms will be
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