I Am A Business That I Have Selected Essay

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The company that I have selected is a business that I just recently started, and it is known as Cee Love Jewelry. I came up with the name from the first letter of my name which starts with C and I tend to write love all the time when I am bored. One day I saw a movie called See Love, and it just came to me as Cee Love for good company name. I make monogrammed stamped necklaces and bracelets. I started this company for about three months now, but I think I chose to go into this business because of my love for jewelry and designing names on jewelry. I am always getting requests for monogrammed necklaces, and my clients always give positive feedback. I place the jewelry in a small satin pouch, and place it in a jewelry box and wrap the box up with a gold ribbon on the top. Most business starts off small and gradually makes their way up like mines. My goal is to expand my company’s horizons, and be a business that people are familiar with when they hear the company name. One problem that I am having is that I get so many requests at one time, and have to get them done in a short amount of time. This becomes problematic and stressful when I absolutely have no help. Being rushed for a certain time limit, is hard work and things can go wrong. I want my customer’s to be very pleased with my work, and show my work of to their friends and co-workers. I need someone to be able to help me with certain things, and teach them how to make the jewelry. First thing I would use to recruit
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