I Am A C + Does Not Sit Well With Anyone

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A C+ does not sit well with anyone. For me, that great sense of academic disappointment came in the form of 'EECS 183- Elementary Programing Concepts. ' As a freshman, I was incredibly excited to be exploring the plethora of academic disciplines available to me at the University of Michigan. Having never been exposed to computer science, I decided to enroll in the introductory course. I was also heavily influenced by my academic peers and hall-mates, many who were interested in programming apps or websites, and few of whom were pursuing degrees in computer science engineering. With a slightly skewed sense confidence instilled in me by my friends, I began learning how to program amidst many other academic subjects I was engulfed in as a Spanish major and pre-med prospective.

At first, I couldn 't get enough of the course. Every day, I approached the course material as a new, fun, engaging puzzle that I would need to figure out. It was like learning a language all over again. In fact, we were learning to program in a new language (C++ at first and then Python to finish the semester) which made me feel as though I could now communicate with a whole new world of people. I was very engaged in the homework, lectures, and discussions because I realized I would have to figure out different ways to solve problems and think in an entirely unique manner than I was used to. However, I learned quickly that the 'computer scientist ' mindset was one that not all students possessed-
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