I Am A College Student

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INTRODUCTION We are a married couple that are closing to the edge of fifty years old with two daughter living with us at home. The older of my daughter is a senior college student now and the young one will be a freshman college student in this a fall semester both depend on us financially. We qualify for the government program FAFSA that help us with the tuition, and books cost. My husband is the only person that bring the money to the house I am a house wife and a part time college student too. I am the responsible for distributing the money between all the house and family needs. Unfortunately, at this moment we do not own any emergency fun, health, disability, and life insurance. For me is very stressful when the due day arrive and is time to stretch the money for pay our debts. Our economic resources are limit and sometimes is hart to think about another plant or dream to reach because always the money factor came to the table. I am feel very fortunate because trough this class I learned finance concepts and tools that I can apply in order to benefit my family’s economy for example: the time value, how apply the money management strategy, the benefit of understand my income tax report, the importance of a credit and maintaining care of it, how save for emergency fund, the importance of have a health, disability, and life insurance. Also, how start planning in a future investment for example how create a retirement fun or any type of

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