I Am A College Student

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With so many ways to describe who I am, I think I will start off with the basics. I am a college student that attends Drake University. I would identify myself as hard-working, responsible, and persistent. At the beginning of the term, I identified myself as how I felt in the moment with answers such as tired, hungry, and bored. Yes, those were traits I identified myself within the moment, but now I try to look far and beyond the present. I want to identify myself as someone who strives to achieve everything she ever wanted, including graduating from college, with honors and getting involved within the college community. I want to be able to identify with things that have meaning and substance that I have always strived for including being determined and self-reliant. As I look back on my journal from the first week of this class I notice how different yet the same my answers to the question “who are you” are. In the first week, I still talked about how I identify as a hard-working college student that strives to meet her goals. I think, still do this day I identify as that. However, now I like to go in-depth with that question. Not only am I hard working but I am hard working because I strive to get my homework done on time, ask questions when I am confused, and participate in class discussions when I have something to input instead of sitting quietly like I typically would. I think that after studying identity for a whole semester I can grasp and identify who I think I

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