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Obstacles I am a college student. I have an excellent life, but also I have some obstacles that impede my life from being perfect. There are obstacles between me and my goals. The obstacles that I have in my life are the distance from my parents, learning English, and being bullied in 7th grade. My first obstacle is living far away from my parents. I had never lived anywhere else other than Mexico, and the fact that my parents are far away from me and bit here by my side makes me feel alone. I left my friends and my family to come to the United States. I felt bad and somewhat nostalgic for the strange way too. The only thing that made me feel better is knowing that my family and friends support me from Mexico. It was a big change for me to enter to a new school, live in a new state where I had never known before. Actually, it was only my second time coming to the United States. At first it was hard for me because I was used to seeing my family every day and now I only see them every 6 months. First, I came from Mexico 1 year ago because I was pursuing better education and to be successful. I left my parents when I was 18 years old to the United States. New responsibilities was coming; for example, I need to do my own food, pay for my car insurance and I have to take care of myself. Next, to move to a new town. The only people that I knew were my uncle and aunt. I live with them and my cousins. I started going to college, so I can learn English. Finally, I had to get a job.

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