I Am A College Student

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I 'm a college student on a typical college student 's budget, and I moved into my apartment about a year ago. Let me tell you this, I just now decorated my room. Yes, I spent an entire year staring at stark white walls, with nothing but last years calendar and my celebrity crush of the moment hanging o the wall beside my bed. There 's nothing inviting about an undecorated room, in fact it 's sort of depressing, and I wouldn 't recommend it to anyone. No matter what your budget, decorating is important and can be done. Here 's how I gave my room a personal touch for less than $100. Like most people the first thing I thought of to decorate my walls with were pictures. Little did I know how expensive pictures could be. I first looked for framed pictures at discount retailers like Target, figuring I could get a good deal. Wrong. Even their smaller pictures cost about $30, and while that isn 't really expensive, it was just a tad bit more than I wanted to spend on one item. I did come across a rather small rectangular picture for $10 in the sale bin at Rite Aid, and a matching pillar candle for the same price at Kmart, but those items ended up in my bathroom so they don 't count towards the total for my room. The point is, however, that we can 't discriminate against those really cheap shops. To find good pictures for a really low price I recommend going to unexpected places, such as Rite Aid. Believe it or not, you might just find one or two items you like. If all else fails,

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