I Am A Competent Communicator

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Although it was important to be a competent communicator, there were numerous occasions when my communication skills with my brother and my best friend were categorized as either a linear or transactional techniques. In terms of communicating, we deeply appreciated each other because we think alike in many ways. We mostly enjoyed our shared environment, and our non-verbal communications were excellent! However, we also had many challenging disputes, but we equally shared responsibility for our own actions. Our miscommunications generally occurred because our perceptions about college were diverse and our self-disclosures were entirely unique. Avoiding each other was more acceptable because our listening techniques were not good enough. To begin with, my relationship with my brother was full of great memories and many challenges along the way. I was not able to finish my college education because I got married at the age of twenty–two. Naturally, he was extremely disappointed because he tremendously helped me with my financial needs academically. Then, I moved to California for good with my family in the late 1990’s. That was the time when I met my best friend, the mother of my daughter’s best friend/school mate. Our kids went to private school together, played the same sports and were cheerleaders. Expectedly, we bonded so naturally at school fundraising events. We became super close and best of friends because we discovered that we had a lot of things in common when it
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