I Am A Computer Programmer

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For as far as I could remember technology was always a part of my life. My dad being a computer technician he would always have computers laptops, iPod, camera, my dad would try to fix anything he could because he also took an electronics class so he would try to fix anything. As a kid I always wondered how these things worked. I was the kid that always bugged my parents about how can I get this to break it just to see how it works on the inside. So Early on I learned that computers were empty but needed instructions needed programming a language if you will to make them actually work. I learned how difficult the programming was, on a scale of one to ten programming a computer is about a one hundred depending on your level. I am very determined and I don’t care how determined I was I made it my goal early on to become a computer programmer/software developer/computer scientist. Not knowing how much money I could make besides the fact that Bill Gates and Steve Jobs made it big off of computers. I wanted to capitalize early on the mistakes of both Bill Gates and Steve Jobs and their subsequent companies Apple and Microsoft.
Sticking to the Computer Programming field I found that a Computer Programmer make $74,280 per year as median pay. I intend to work about 60 years old which mean I could make a total of 4,456,800. Now to get that high I know I would have to get at least a Bachelor’s degree. To make this work I could attend Georgia State University. I would major in…
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