I Am A Day From School Last Week

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I stayed home from school last week. I didn’t necessarily have a fever or anything, no, but I can’t say I wasn’t sick. I wasn’t the type of sick where you can’t stop coughing or sneezing and your stomach hurts and you’re simultaneously sweating and shivering. I am the type of sick where every single step I take and every single movement I make feels like a weight crashing down on me and I can’t get up, even if it’s just to sit at my desk to work rather than my bed so I don’t fall asleep or take a shower and wash my face when I know I should, but I just really don’t have the energy to and it’s not even like I’m just lazy, even though that’s what I tell everyone when I don’t have any better excuses, I just can’t seem to find a will to live. And I know I’m not the only one. Across the country there are millions and millions who feel the exact same way, but they all stay silent. They stay silent because they know if they told anyone who didn’t understand, they’d be greeted with a “but your life is so great!” or a “just pull yourself together” or a “why can’t you just be happy?” Happy? I mean I wish I could be happy, but I wish it was that simple because you can’t just choose to be happy. You can try to always have a positive attitude and you may have a great day but still not remember how to feel joy. I try, I really do, to find the good in everyone and every situation, but at the end of the day that doesn’t really fix anything at all. I suppose if I really, really wanted to…

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