I Am A Dog At My Side

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Thinking back to my childhood, I always remember having a dog at my side. Ever since I was born I had my sidekick Sparkey. At the age of 13, Sparkey passed away and left a void in my families life. No new dog will ever replace Sparkey but, after a couple months, it was time to move on. On the way home from a soccer tournament one day my dad and I were talking about what it would be like to get another dog. We decided that it was something to consider. Before going home we stopped at the pet store to just take a look but, little did we know we were going to find. It was time for a family meeting. Family meetings at my house are called when there is something exciting or important that needs to talked about with everyone. Dad and approached the subject by talking about the feeling of having a void of not having a four legged family member in the house. Mom responded by saying, “We are not getting another dog. End of story. I’m allergic to them and they make me sick. No way.” Dad and I just looked at each other with disappointment and sadness. Surprisingly, Karl spoke up. We never really thought Karl enjoyed having a dog but, to our surprise Karl sided with dad and I. Karl said, “Not having a dog in the house is very lonely and he would consider getting another dog.” Now that we had all spoke our opinions on getting another dog, it was decision time. Next thing I knew we were in the car on our way to the pet store. Mom agreed to getting another dog if it was hypo- allergenic.
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