I Am A Firm Believer

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No document signed by the president, or even God for that matter, will change the minds of many of those how deem it fitting to look down amongst a race. No matter how much is taught in our history classes, it is never enough, because as Toni Morrison demonstrated in the book, there are many viewpoints and sides of our historical past that are ignored and not told to the mass for everyone to be able to understand and learn from such mistakes that are made then. Does that mean that there is no hope? I would not jump to such drastic conclusions, but I am a firm believer after taking this class that as long as certain individuals have the power to control what the media reports and what not to report, what are written in our history books for schools, and what literary works are allowed to be published and be out in stores for the mass to read, history will continue to repeat itself. That is not only here in America, but in many other countries how do not have the democratic freedom that America presents to its population. For example, Bassem Youssef, better known to many people as the “Jon Stewart of Egypt,” brought lots of laughter through his “biting” political satire to many of his fans not only in Egypt, but those following him around the world. A man, who was a former heart surgeon, quit that profession and went on to start a political satire show in 2011 and showed no fear towards his nation’s government as he continuously bashed them and their work. Of course, not…
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