I Am A Foreign, Learning A Language, And An Argumentative Essay

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Writing has always been my greatest weakness throughout the years that i have been in school. Since I’am a foreign, learning a language was a challenging especially when my native language is completely different than English. Even though my communication skills have been improved dramatically since I have been here in the United States, writing is the only skill that i need to improve. I have signed up to take English 110C for mainly two reason. The first reason is that it is a mandatory course for all incoming freshmen to be eligible to graduate. The second reason is that it will help me improve my writing skills that i will need throughout my college years and the future. Throughout the semester, I have written a plethora of essays such as a rhetorical analysis, comparative review, annotated bibliography, exploratory, and an argumentative essay. Since it is my first time writing these types of essays, I struggled at first trying to figure out how to start the essays; however, our professor assisted us and showed us sample essays that help us write our essays. I’ am very thankful that i managed to take this course because i have learned a numerous of writing skills that will help me throughout my college years. The first paper that i had to write in English 110c is called a Rhetorical Analysis. At first, i had no idea what it was, but i managed to figured it out once I have read about it in the textbook and the help from my professor. The main purpose of a Rhetorical

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