I Am A Friend - Original Writing

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The next few days flew by in a blur as I tried to unpack all of my belongings. It proved to be a very difficult task. You never realize exactly how much you own until you move away. Again. And again. And again. Okay, you just never realize how much you own when it’s always boxed away. And then you go and buy even more stuff. I’m beginning to think I’m a hoarder. On day five, my phone decided to patch over my first incoming phone call of my new-new-new-new-new-new-new-newfound life. It was a simplistic gesture, but still very relieving. Maybe I was a little less forgotten than I’d always figured on. There’s still a great chance that I am comically wrong. I have a tendency of being comically wrong about lots of things. “Hello?” My voice squeaked. “Please don’t tell me that you already forgot that I’m coming over. Please do not tell me you already forgot about me,” an eager voice greeted me. “Kaitlyn Erika Richards, if you forgot about me I will personally find my way to your new Floridian home and potentially dismember you because you don’t just forget about me.” “Oh, Jordan… You, uh… Exist?” “Oh, my… You forgot about me. You frickin’ forgot about me. How do you manage to completely forget that somebody from way out of state is coming to visit you? How does that even happen?” She paused, letting out a deep breath. “Okay, whatever. Just come and get me, right now, and you might actually live to see another day. I’ve been waiting for two hours.” “Call a taxi because I

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