I Am A Friend - Original Writing

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The next few days flew by in a blur as I tried to unpack all of my belongings. It proved to be a very difficult task. You never realize exactly how much you own until you move away. Again. And again. And again. Okay, you just never realize how much you own when it’s always boxed away. And then you go and buy even more stuff. I’m beginning to think I’m a hoarder. On day five, my phone decided to patch over my first incoming phone call of my new-new-new-new-new-new-new-newfound life. It was a simplistic gesture, but still very relieving. Maybe I was a little less forgotten than I’d always figured on. There’s still a great chance that I am comically wrong. I have a tendency of being comically wrong about lots of things. “Hello?” My voice…show more content…
Or know how to drive.” “Why didn’t you tell me that in the first place?” She sounded about ready to explode. “I gotta go! Bye!” I quickly hung up the phone. Three hours in which two 20 minute naps, a vigorous food eating session, and a minimal cleaning binge took place passed by before Jordan showed up. It was fine by me because I wasn’t actually looking forward to Jordan’s stay. For a while, I was half-hanging off my bed with my head and arms uncomfortably jumbled about on the floor and the rest of me neatly resting… Well, on my bed. Jordan suddenly appeared into my room, scaring me and causing the rest of me to fall into a jumbled pile next to my bed. “Well, isn’t that adorable?” Jordan made her way to my bed, sitting a suitcase and two bags all around me and plopping herself in the spot I’d been laying only moments before. “Well, hello to you, too,” I said sarcastically, scrambling to get to my feet. After a few minutes of fidgeting, I finally managed and joined her on my bed. “Seeing you like that… I can’t help but wonder, how many embarrassing things have you done so far?” She cocked an eyebrow. I pushed myself toward the wall. "Well, nothing really… Unless, you consider spilling an entire cup of soda all over some attractive guy while your seven-year-old cousin is making horrifyingly obnoxious remarks embarrassing." I began recounting the entire happening from only days before. "Ooh… It sounds like a certain someone has a
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