I Am A Game Script

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Adding sections are not enough to explain my project as there were many things that I was confused about in the beginning of my writing process. One of the biggest will be genre and audience. What? There were two? It is technically one because genre and audience are connected to each other, you just can’t go over one without the other. Anyways, I was horribly confused about what kind of genre am I picking for my RIP project. At first I thought that this is just going to be a game script that will become games in the future, therefore the audience will be all gamers. Then, I began to realize that the audience for a script is actually developers, just like movie scripts are for the director and actors. It took me a long way to figure this out. You can tell by comparing between my draft and my final essay, you will see that the original paragraph that discusses the audience is only 3 lines and that can’t explain anything. After I seriously thought about it. I finally understands that my audience is the audience for the script, not the game. As a result, I changed my essay so it will be analyzing the text script, not the actual game. This also helped me to establish the genre that I am working on, which is a game script which works a lot like a movie script where it will have scene changes and camera shifting and so on.
Another section that I added into my essay is the rhetor because I never mentioned it in the first place. Part of the reason is because I didn’t think rhetor was
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