I Am A Girl - Original Writing

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Imagine a young impressionable girl; she’s just 10 years old, bright blue eyes and wispy white blonde hair, she is carefree, a big sister to her little brother, and she is trustworthy. I am this girl. I am the girl that for 10 years thought of herself as the only big sister, but I was wrong. I remember sitting in my dad’s old gray work truck while he was under the hood fixing something. I was always nosing around in things that were none of my concern; that warm spring day was no different. As I was nosing around I found a photograph of a young girl, older than me but not by much, she was riding a horse. I was so confused. The girl in the photograph looked so much like me. She had the same hair and eye color, but I wasn’t as old as her, nor could I remember ever getting on a horse. I could feel the pressure of warm tears behind my eyes as I slowly exited the truck to ask my dad who the girl was in the photograph. On that day my whole world changed. My dad explained to me (after reprimanding me for plundering through his things) that before he met my mother, he dated a girl named Susan when he lived in Michigan. Susan became pregnant, but he wasn’t aware of this until after he and his family moved to South Carolina. Finding out I had an older sister was a profound experience because I felt like I finally had someone to talk to, I had my eyes open to a secret side to my family, and my sister became someone who I admire deeply. I finally had someone I could talk with and

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