I Am A Golf Course Architect

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The classic definition of engineering is the application of a system to a specific situation. In golf architecture, this would be the application of the game of golf, with all its complexities and varying appeals, to each individual piece of land (Doak). So what makes a golf course truly incredible? The answer is quite simple the imagination and creativity of one’s mind: a golf course architect. The mindset of building golf courses has changed due to the fact of the rapidly evolving education system. If one wanted to become a golf course architect before the 1970’s he/she did not have to receive any college course work to be an architect. Many older golf course architects are former PGA professionals, retired golfers, or eve…show more content…
A 2013 study of the foundation notes the industry lost 4.7 million golfers since 2005 (Hwang). Also, many outsiders to golf speculate that the golf industry is in severe decline and believe that one should not take up golf course design as their professional career. This however is far from accurate because the people that live, breathe, and sleep golf will tell you that it only takes one little design to reboot the game of golf to a new level of interest. Golf course designers have always been attracted to the thought of creating devilish layouts that will tease golfers into chances of luck, romance, humor, and tragedy found on every single hole (Shackelford 144). Golf is a one of a kind sport. No single course is the same as next one. Golf compared to other sports is like a science fair project. Every sport that is played other than golf is a constant variable so to say the field, the court, the track, or so on. With football, soccer, basketball, baseball or almost any other sport you know what to expect before you begin. However, golf on the other hand is an always changing variable within the usual four hour round when played. Golf courses are the most beautiful, enchanting, and awe-inspiring venues in all of sport (Shackelford 184). So what exactly is golf architecture? “A pleasurable golf course is not necessarily one that appeals at first sight, but rather one that grows on the player like good music,
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