I Am A Graduate Nurse With My College Degree

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I am a graduate nurse with my college degree earned in Brazil. I lived in Canada for five years, in there I could refresh my course and get back to the workforce. I worked for three years as an undergraduate nurse in an acute and palliative care unit, a rewarding experience that brought me happiness. I was doing the job that I love because helping people is my passion. In 2013, I moved to the United States, and I was expecting to do the same job. In order to set my license, I sent to the Nursing Board my credentials. Surprisingly, I was advised to go back to school and start over; my degrees and nursing experience in Brazil or Canada would not be considered acceptable by the United States standards. Not giving up I asked if I could take the NCLEX test, but the Board declines the request. I went to search for my options; I discovered the registered nurse course would take me three years to complete. I decide to enroll in a six-month Certified Nursing Assistant course so I could go back to work quickly. My high school papers were enough to get in and work as a nursing assistant in a Nursing Facility. I was facing one challenging that I was not expecting to have in my life again. I am forty-five years old and going back to the school seemed strange to me, because I was academically successful as a nurse. That was one of the reasons why I decided to take a shortcut and go to the easy way out. I passed the CNA course and the state test and got my license in Texas. I start
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