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Today was a great clinical day, where Jessica and I got to teach three foster teens about nutrition labels, unit prices, making grocery lists, coupons, and took a tour of a grocery store. The students applied what they learned in class by comparing items using unit prices, and looking at deals. As well as, compared nutrition labels of different brands, of the same items. It was very interesting, to see the comparison. At the end of the class, we gave the students coupons and a booklet of coupons, which they loved. These teens where wonderful, and I felt this class was a lot better than the first class that we had; not that the first class was bad. I just felt that I really made an impact on theses teens. I even had one of the students, ask…show more content…
Social justice is equal resources to all, such as equal education. It was fun, because as Jessica and I were educating the students; they also share things that they knew. In a way, they taught us, as well.

Section 2: WSU College of Nursing Core Values

Thinking about your experience today describe how the activities may have demonstrated one of the core values above or a need for one. Use three different core values over the course of the three journals.
By educating the teenagers about grocery shopping, and relating it to choosing cheap, yet healthy food options; I was demonstrating the core nursing value of social justice. Jessica and I were distributing our knowledge to help these teens become more independent, and pick cheap, yet healthy options. We did this to make sure that everyone has equal knowledge, therefore helping them to thrive to be the best possible version of themselves. This was a very valuable and fun learning experience, and I will carry on in my future as a pediatric nurse.

Section 3: Core Functions and Essential Services

Clinical activities reflect the core functions and essential services of public health. Which core function (assessment, policy development, or assurance) and essential service do you believe your activity represented?
Section 4: Research Articles and Reflections.
1) Required three (3)
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