I Am A Great Day

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It was a very windy morning the air smelt like rain as the buzzing noise of my alarm clock frazzled me as I awoke. It was 5 a.m. and as I opened up an ice cold cup of macadamia nut coffee, I knew it was going to be a great day. I called my grandmother who had been encouraging me to stay positive and to be the best that I could be. She told me that she loved me then it was time to go. As I got off the telephone and quickly went to freshen up, I began to get my things in order for my pageant. Grabbing my purple, heavy, and rectangular suitcase and my white,sparkly,long gown, I was now out the door. I had built up this anxiety of stage fright when it was not much to be afraid of. I noticed my tummy was starting to turn as I approached Leeward Community College. I don 't know if it was stage fright or that large cup of coffee I had earlier. What I did know was that I could not turn back now. I parked my car and began to grab my belongings as the other contestants began to arrive. We all greeted each other and it seemed that everyone was excited, anxious, and nervous for today. I walked humbly carrying my huge purple brick filled with my belonging. I opened the heavy oak door with a beautiful etched glass panel. The smell of sweet roses and chocolates hit me as I walked through this dark, long, cold hallway to an area which looked like a costume room. My eyes twinkled and my face lit up with a huge grin, I knew today was very special. Finally, I began to unpack my…

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