I Am A Great Musician

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Learning to be a great musician and learning to teach a student to be a great musician are two different concepts. At the beginning of the semester, I thought they were the same. The work one puts in to being a successful music educator is the similar, however, the way to go about teaching an entirely different concept. Which the various amounts of work we, as a class, put into different learning theories, styles of teaching, and precautions, I thought I would have gained a better grip on how to teach elementary school general music. This slightly held true as I was prepared each week, but the dynamic of each class projected varying results. I found that each class was different, therefore each class would only achieve certain goals even though they were on the same curriculum. One of the most disappointing realizations I had in my placements was the lack of rapport I could have with my students. Considering I only taught a small portion of the class time once a week, it was difficult to sustain a relationship with my students. In addition, I had trouble remembering all of their names. I understand I will have more time with students in the coming years, but I found that this lack of connection with student was detrimental to my ability to teach each week. One of the major problems I had was figuring out my style of teaching. For almost half the semester, I was mirroring my colleagues ' and cooperating teachers ' style instead of teaching as myself. I still have this
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