I Am A Great Time So It Influenced The Future Of Our Earth

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What is relevant about the 60’s? Could it have been a great time so it influenced the future of our earth? There are lots of things that have impacted the world overall! As each decade proceeds there are many new actions that we take that can have a very good positive affect or a very bad negative affect. Effects are real and can true change the span we may live. you may feel so happy and bubbly but just know people died and changed the world for you to have that feeling it did not just happen all on its own. there was major work put into it. Be gratful. “Forever and ever, you 'll stay in my heart And I will love you Forever and ever, we never will part.” Love is a big part of how we overcame many of the problems in the past. The love we…show more content…
Lives are based off of past choices and actions. The world is majorly influenced by its past. The past shapes the future of what is to be. Many actions have a very strong symbol to be retrieved and taken account. Symbols many of the time demonstrate lessons and points to benefit the “good” in the world. Images tell many stories through the details, lighting, and, even with their title. Burke Uzzle’s Woodstock image shows the great event of music, culture and, the pain all that went through it. Burke has been told that his career was “... like his pictures, is a nuanced composition blending American culture, individual psyches of particular places or people, and an atypical way of seeing ourselves, our values, and our community. Always respectful yet locating the poignant or quirky, the history of his narrative belongs to all of us.” Uzzle’s images show the underneath layer of what the feelings a person will have. Uzzle’s was a very critical man that wanted to depict the values in each photograph he took. He is a man of greatness. A photography genius. His image Woodstock defines pain. He trembles in the fear of what humans will do to achieve happiness and greatness among all other things. As time also went on the turn of events changed to be more modern. Coachella, a music festival in great comparison to Woodstock is now the equivalent. Time changes many things as it proceeds but the heart of
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