I Am A Great Writer

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1.) How has this class allowed you to think more openly? This class has allowed me to think more openly because I feel that my classmates and professor allowed me to express my opinion regardless of the opinions of others. This has helped me be more involved in discussions because I felt that I could express myself without others being judgmental and it has helped me become more of an optimistic person. I surprised myself at times because I am usually a quite person and rarely express my opinion but, Professor Hall did a fantastic job in designing the course which allowed us to interact with other classmates on a personal level and allowed us to be more open with one another. I felt this course has boosted my confidence level to perceiver at greater level than I initially thought I was capable of. I enjoyed this class overall because, I know that I have changed in areas that I thought I was incapable of changing. I’ve also learned that to be a great writer I must be more open and not stray away from expressing my opinion and it has shaped me into not only a better writer but, a person as well. 2.) Have you forged valuable friendships in this class? Going into this class I never thought that I would forge close friendships with my classmates, but now that the course has come to an end, I have gained close friendships with many of my classmates. I really enjoyed how Professor Hall set the class up. I feel that having students sit at one table allows the students to interact

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