I Am A Guinea Pig Of Sorts

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As humans we create a certain image of ourselves , we are aware of who we are and measure our own worth. It 's called self-concept, it is one of the most influential parts of our personality it helps us create the present and future way we will act. One of the most common ways we do this is through the self-fulfilling prophecy. For this essay I became a guinea pig of sorts and experimented with this idea. Even before I took the rosenberg 's Self esteem test I knew for a fact that I suffer from low self esteem. My sever depression, anxiety and several psychologists can attest to that. Another thing I knew for a fact is that faux positive self talk and notes wasn 't going to help me, Rejecting the idea before even doing the experiment probably altered my end results but it did prove that I like most others also go through self fulfilling prophecies. It also made me realize i have a very negative outlook on life, that i usually blame on my lack of serotonin. I understand that I have full power over the way I feel about myself, sometimes i think that i use my mental illnesses as handicaps for my low self esteem. I hear it often enough to know that Self esteem comes from within and one must work on developing a positive view of themselves so that they have confidence in their own value and not depend on external forces to feel a sense of worth. I realize that i skimmed over what a self fulfilling prophecy is that is because I wanted to explain it to the best of my abilities. A
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