I Am A Hall Of All Your Memories

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Imagine a hall of all your memories. Now envision yourself walking along this hall, gazing at the glimpses from your past. In my gallery of memories, color provides the distinction of eras: yellows and greens represent the pleasant and content memories of my early childhood, blues and pinks exemplify the bittersweet experiences of my high school years, a rainbow of colors expresses a wide range of emotions that tint my most recent recollections, red emptiness extends into the future- seeming both ominous and comforting. At each point in my life, I envisioned a different version of my future. As I’ve reviewed my past, it has been interesting to see the development I 've undergone. Where Did I Come From? I’ve never been that kid that knew exactly what they wanted to do. In fact, the common question of “what do you want to be when you grow up” has always been a difficult one to answer. My parents have told me that around the age of 5, I pronounced that I wanted to be a school bus. Not a school bus driver, but the actual vehicle. Even as an older child, I don’t remember having a clear idea for my future. In this way, I feel lucky because I haven’t committed to one profession, but able to explore what I liked best. My ideas for the future were still vague even in high school. I felt unsure as I looked around at my peers who seemed to have a clear direction for their life. The only fact I was sure about was that I wanted to attend Brigham Young University. As I worked towards this

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